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Our mission is to provide all CA CCW LA/OC Residents/Applicants with an exciting and comprehensive understanding of the penal codes as they apply to use of force, safe gun handling, marksmanship, less than lethal solutions, tactical considerations, and scenarios and live fire drills. Classes are designed to be informal, interactive and life changing!


The course is taught by retired US Military and Law Enforcement Officers with outstanding qualifications and a wealth of experience & knowledge in the field. The material covered will include: CA & Federal Gun Laws, responsibilities, ethical considerations, firearms training and qualification as mandated by law.


LASD Standardized Course of Fire for Certification

+Target: B-27 Target

+Course of Fire: 24 rounds fired without time limitation at each of the (3) specified distance.

+ Firing Distances: 3 yards, 5 yards, 7 yards

+ Minimum Passing Score: 70% of rounds fired at each distance (17 of 24 rounds) must score within the 7-ring of the B27 Target.

+Other Requirements: The student shall be required to safely load, unload, and reload their handgun during the course of fire.

+ This course of fire shall be required for the first firearm you will be licensed to carry. All subsequent firearm qualification courses of fire shall consist of 20 total rounds--10 rounds at the 5 & 7 yards. The passing score will remain 70% of hits 7 of 10 rounds within the 7-ring of the B-27 target at each distance.



Equipment / Ammunition:


+ Eye and ear protection

+ Holster (outside the waistband style recommended due to repetitious training)

+ Belt

+ Speedloader (Optional)

+ 2 magazines

+ Primary handgun (200 rounds of ammo)

+ 20 rounds of ammunition for each additional gun

The weapon(s) you intend to use on the permit must be used during the course. Cost covers handouts and range fees. This course does not guarantee the approval of your C.C.W. permit nor the range qualification portion.  The classroom portion may be taken on-line for $150.  After completion, students must set an appointment for range qualifications.


MUST call to schedule an appointment for class.  Refer to our training schedule for course dates.  Any questions, please email


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