C.A.S. & Sons Group Inc. is a Minority, Women, Disabled Veteran-owned training facility for California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and Homeland Security Training Courses.  The Company is founded by Cheryl A. Shaffer, an experienced former U.S. Army Military Police First Sergeant. 


The Company is located in the Los Angeles County South Bay area and provides high performance and professional security training. The Team has over a combined 25+ years of military , law enforcement and Physical Security, this team has made it their mission to prepare, train, and expand the field of security and protection to all.  


Cas & Sons is experience in a variety of tactic training including protective services, marksmanship and self-defense, just to name a few.

Cheryl A. Shaffer
Owner-BSIS & NRA Firearms Instructor

Cheryl A. Shaffer has served over 22 years for the Armed Forces in various areas such as the Military Police Field. She is currently a Retired First Sergeant, U.S. Military Police Corps and now serving as a Criminal Justice Associate Professor for the State of California Community Colleges. She has lead and trained over thousands of Soldiers in military law enforcement and corrections, leadership, leadership counseling, physical training, map reading, land navigation, advanced weapons training, anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism, physical security, and other areas of policing.  She is currently a CA B.S.I.S. Instructor for Firearm and Baton Training (License #2206 & #1830), a NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Refused to be a Victim Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, as well as a California Department of Justice  Bureau of Firearms Instructor. Call 310.689.8979 or info@casandsonsgroup@gmail.com


Joseph L. Adams
BSIS Firearms Instructor

Joseph L. Adams is a certified BSIS Firearm & NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and an expert in the field of Physical Security.  He is a Retired US Army Officer of 20 years and has deployed over 3 times, once in the U.S. and twice in the Middle East to support our Homeland Defense.  He has trained individuals and officers on security tactics with a number of different security forces around the world. Joseph also serves as a  certified First Aid CPR/AED Instructor.  Call him for an appointment at 310.251.9278 or email him jadams0014@gmail.com 

Zoe Morgan
NRA Pistol & Shotgun Instructor

Zoe Morgan is a certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor & NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor.  She has served in the field of Physical Security for over 5+years as an Armed BSIS Security Officer.  She has trained security guards and private citizens in Basic Use of Force and Weapons Handling. Email her at mszmorgan@gmail.com for any questions or private classes.

Lourdes Ramos

NRA Pistol Instructor

Lourdes Ramos is a High Profile Los Angeles Port Supervisor with 10 years+  as Port Physical Security Expert.  Lourdes serves as a NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor.  She loves instructing and serving her community. Email her at lourdes1016@gmail.com for private lessons and or 2nd Amendment Right Issues.

B.S.I.S. License #1421 & #1265

NRA Instructor #223521473

CA DOJ Firearms Instructor #201244



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