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B.S.I.S. Firearms Training Facility Lcense #1421

The BSIS California Security Guard Training Class is a one day, eight hour training session required by the state. The course is a mandatory step, and is composed of two main sections.


The first one is Powers to Arrest, a four- hour training module designed to familiarize students on the topics of performing legal arrest on private citizens. Our company uses the training manual mandated by the Department of Consumer Affairs’-- Power to Arrest Manual. This portion of the course includes lecture, exercises, discussion and role-playing.


The next 4 hours is dedicated to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Terrorism Awareness. This will educate students about the important subject matter, most especially about the observation skills needed to identify and report precursor activities that may lead to a terrorist activity.




B.S.I.S. Baton Training Facility

License #1265


This 1-day, highly dynamic course is like no other because it provides you with useful defensive skills, especially for close quarter contact. It relies heavily on practical hands-on applications and is intended for first responders who want instruction in the proper uses of expandable batons for self-defense and subject-control for escort and handcuffing.  At the end of the course, students must pass a written and hands on test to receive certification.  ALL students must bring a copy of their current BSIS Guard Card.




(4 HOURS) 



Using a comprehensive learning and dynamic hands-on curriculum, first-responders will learn to combine the practicality and effectiveness of O.C. aerosol projectors and valuable defensive tactics using their personal weapons (hands, elbows, knees and feet) in direct and/or transitional ways for overcoming subject resistance and establishing control over them for handcuffing.








B.S.I.S. Training Facility Firearm License #1421


This practical self-defense handgun course will introduce you to the Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, along with the skills necessary to properly handle semi-automatic pistol (.9mm)  and revolver (.38 calibers). You will learn what a handgun will do, what it won't do, and why it works the way it works. Our hands-on training will start with Proper Stance and Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control.  


Students must show proof of citizenship, as well as current guard card.  The range portion of training will take place at Sharpshooters, 1827 W. 208th Street, Torrance, CA off Western Blvd. Training cost will be discounted to all Military Veterans of $150.  Please provide proof of service prior to training. Students have the option of paying at the door.


If you have further questions, please email casandsonsgroup@gmail.com. See you at training!



We currently offer take home training packages in order for you to achieve your 40 Hours Training Requirement as a new Security Officer, as well as required Annual Training.  Please call 310.689.8979 for a list of courses or email info@casandsonsgroup.us






Objective: To familiarize and instruct the individual in basic skills and provide a common body of knowledge in the performance of security guard work. All courses shall include information and subject matter pertaining to the outline provided. Additionally, all courses shall include written material, lecture or exercises to assure that the individual comprehends the subject matter presented.


Every newly licensed or employed security guard shall complete two of the mandatory courses within thirty (30) days from the day the guard's registration card is issued (8 hours) or the day the guard begins employment.


The remaining two mandatory courses each consisting of four (4) hours of instruction, shall be completed within the first six (6) months from the day the guard registration card is issued or the day the guard begins employment as a security guard.


Pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 7583.6 (b) the following outline includes subjects that shall be taught and the maximum number of hours that will be allowed for completion of the Mandatory Courses.




(4 HOURS) 



It is a fact that a large portion of violence and petty crimes are committed against senior citizens in our country. In such a time it is necessary for the elderly to be able to defend themselves. It has come to such a situation that the elderly needs to have some basic knowledge of self defense. Keeping this in mind, you will learn basic life saving techniques, plus a chance to exercise and meet new people.








This is a 1-day training course which begins with physical self-defense. In the first session, participants will learn simple strikes and kicks, and easy releases which are not based on power or strength. During the second session, participants will learn the basics of defense with a handgun. Participants will be invited to sample a large selection of handguns to help determine kinds and calibers most suitable. And then the third session will be devoted to developing a personal safety plan for the home and on the street. 


(4 HOURS) 



This course not only provides a review of Active Shooter incidents, suspect behavior, and historical data, but unlike many Active Shooter courses we focus on “one and two man” responses. We provide those first responders with the skills and tactics necessary make a difference in the first critical minutes. This class covers rapid deployment, weapons and equipment, breaching, and room entry. 


(24 HOURS)



This course provides the essential introduction to the key ideas, techniques and issues that are at the heart of professional security management today.  The course provides unique insights and comprehensive coverage of the role, resources, and skills that are central to providing effective security management in the commercial environment.


From identifying issues and understanding ideas about the risks, causes and prevention of crime, through to designing and implementing loss prevention and security initiatives that really work, this is the ultimate security managers course.



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