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However, the Java update is critical for use of the TAO framework with MATLAB and other Java applications. (We are unsure of the breakdown of users affected by the Java update versus those who have already installed Java 6. That breakdown may be available at .) Java, the standard programming language for workstation environments and embedded software, has a long history of exhibiting poor application support. However, recent developments in Java virtual machine technology enable Java applications to run within the MATLAB environment. This feature is known as Java-enabled Applications Toolkit, or JAT. However, JAT for MATLAB requires an update to Java version 6 in the MATLAB Workspace. This update fixes bugs in Java code (such as the one in the updated Java runtime identified above). Although Java version 6.0.51 is the release underlying JAT for MATLAB 2012b and below, it is recommended that you update to version 6.0.60 to ensure that you get the fixes in this release. See the instructions at for installation instructions. We also understand that the Java update is causing issues in MATLAB for Mac OS 10.7 (and possibly earlier). For this reason, we have provided updated links to the Java 6 update and our previous instructions for installing the JAT framework. See and . If you are not using MATLAB on a 64-bit Mac OS X operating system, we recommend that you also update to MATLAB 2012a or later to ensure that you get the fix for security vulnerability in Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0.61. Support for Java 6 updates will continue for a few months. If you experience issues with JAT, please report them to us by using the "Contact Us" link at . Acknowledgements ================ This work was supported by National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) grant number R




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Matlab 2012b Download Full Versionl merjak

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